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PUREBREED and BMW Motorrad Canada - the Brooklyn Project Collaboration

In collaboration with BMW PUREBREED CYCLES unveils ‘The Brooklyn Project’: 40 bespoke limited edition café racers designed on the S1000R.

Highlights - Classic café racer styling coupled with BMW S1000R performance - +15hp gain overstock - 24 kg. weight reduction - Quick-release customization for track day action - Orders being taken now for delivery in Spring 2016.

This collaboration will be limited to 40 custom café racers worldwide and based on BMW’s venerable S1000R roadster. While each unit will share the same mechanical underpinnings, every one will be uniquely crafted to the specific individual taste and requirements of their owner, making each model truly one of a kind. 

The Brooklyn Project blends the technological sophistication of the 2016 BMW S1000R with unique retro-inspired café racer styling. Painstaking attention to detail was paid and no component was overlooked. Every new part was digitally rendered then crafted using 3D printing technology prior to development to ensure the proper fit and finish was achieved. Adding to the bike’s individuality and versatility, various pieces can quickly and easily be removed for track day duty and clipped back on for the ride home. 


- Classic café racerstyling coupled with BMW S1000R performance 
- +15hp gain overstock 
- 24 kg. weight reduction 
- Quick-release customization for track day action 
- Orders being taken now for delivery in Spring 2016

“We believe that The Brooklyn Project offers riders the best of both worlds,” says PUREBREED President and main builder Guillaume Brochu, “Owners benefit from the advanced performance technology and reliable modern engineering of the S1000R which is far and away the best motorcycle on the road, but we also saw its potential as the basis of the ultimate cafe racer by incorporating classic café racer styling elements.”

Modern Technology Meets Classic Style All of the stock bike technology was retained, including ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System), which can be disengaged, ASC (Automatic Stability Control), electronic suspension system, and selectable riding modes. Proprietary PUREBREED engine mapping and an optimized fuel injection unit helps increase the already lofty performance capabilities of the bespoke roadster, as did the addition of an aluminum racing radiator and oil cooler along with a full Arrow Competition titanium exhaust system. These various modifications result in an additional 15hp gain over the stock 160hp of the S1000R in a package that tips the scales at a sprightly 173 kgs. thanks to swapping the fuel tank, fenders, wheels, seat frame and cowl for lighter Carbon fibre.

A great deal of time and attention was dedicated to comfort and ergonomics for both the street and track. This includes the incorporation of folding brake and clutch levers, adjustable rear sets, the custom designed top tree, clip-on handlebars, and a custom tri-density foam seat upholstered in fine, treated leather. While many of the customizations were based on improving comfort and performance, there were also many stylistic changes made in order to bring Brochu’s vision to life, including custom engraving, LED taillight and indicators in the handlebars, bar end mirrors, custom CNC gas cap and brake fluid reservoir, an Aluminum sprocket cover, custom LED headlight, dash and tachometer, not to mention the custom graphics and tri-coat paint by Simon Galarneau. 

Orders are now being taken with delivery expected for April 2016. The brainchild of Quebec-based custom bike builder Guillaume Brochu, PUREBREED CYCLES immediately started making a name for itself by breathing new life into old motorcycles. Crafting as many a 40 custom café racers since opening in 2012, Brochu has more recently set his sights on this new vision of creating the ideal performance motorcycle for the modern urban gentleman – one that exudes their individuality in comfort and style.

About PUREBREED CYCLES: Featured on the 10 episode TV show currently airing in French on Historia in Quebec, Guillaume Brochu set out to build high quality bespoke café racers when opening his shop in 2012. After building 40 custom motorcycles, his most recent undertaking is a collaboration with BMW Motorad Canada named The Brooklyn Project. Currently based outside Montreal with a workshop in Brooklyn, NYC is opening this spring.

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